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Client Services

Our process for ensuring our clients secure the right talent is not complicated; we do not advertise or use job boards, choosing instead to utilize our deep network, market map and headhunt specifically to our clients’ requirements.

We also search for more than skill sets. Diversity and inclusion introduce new perspectives and feed innovation and allows us to make a conscious effort to construct a short list that features professionals from varied backgrounds. At the same time, we consider cultural fit and individual career goals. Turnover is expensive, so we aim for long-term potential that will enable new employees and hiring organizations to thrive.  We arrange discreet matchups that protect confidentiality and respect everyone’s time. We’ve built a reputation for honesty, transparency and satisfied clients.

Services Include 

·       Retained Searches 

·       Exclusive Searches

·       Market and competitor analysis

·       Bonus and base salary info

·       Benchmarking exercises

·       International and regional searches

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